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Dental Amalgam And Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane

Amalgam removal dentist Brisbane

Dental amalgam is a mixture of silver and tin plus other metals mixed with 50% mercury. Once combined as amalgam the mercury is supposedly bound within the filling material.

However, research shows that mercury escapes and can accumulate in your system.

Mercury is known to be an extremely toxic heavy metal and can reduce kidney, liver and thyroid function, be related to depression and mood swings, can suppress the immune system and is implicated in many nervous system disorders just to mention a few of the health implications.

Please note we are not claiming that dental amalgam makes you sick however there is enough scientific evidence to link mercury exposure to reduced health and that the link between mercury vapour release from amalgam fillings is thus heavily implicated.

Many of the patients who seek amalgam removal treatment with Holistic Dentistry Brisbane do so due to medical reasons and health concerns.

It is our recommendation that:

  1. Patients avoid having further amalgam fillings placed as there are many other filling materials available that are equally durable making the need to use amalgam obsolete. and

  2. If amalgam needs to be removed, for example, because there is decay or a problem with the filling, that it is done following our safe amalgam removal guidelines.

To find out more about amalgam and safe amalgam removal please contact us or call 07 3720 1811 today.


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