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Is Amalgam Removal Safe?

Amalgam Removal Dentist Brisbane

Drilling out old amalgam fillings WITHOUT any special care or SMART protection is DANGEROUS because of increased exposure to mercury vapour that gets released by the friction from the dental drill.

When drilling out an amalgam filling up to 5000 times the safe air limit exposure to mercury is created … that’s why your dentist must follow SMART protocols, which are designed and scientifically proven to minimise your exposure to mercury.

At Holistic Dentistry Brisbane, we use SMART protocols which stands for safe mercury amalgam removal technique for every single mercury containing or metal filling we remove.

As part of these amalgam removal safety measures we use a non-latex rubber dam to isolate the teeth we work on so as to prevent the bits of filling from splattering into your mouth. We provide you with a nose piece connected to a tank of sterile air so you are breathing a clean air supply and also use an air purifier vacuum filtration system with a large capture trunk that sits under your chin.

A large dental suction is placed next to or over the teeth we are working on and an auxiliary suction is used under the sheet to ensure your comfort. Plus the dentist and their assistants wear mercury filter respirator masks to care for their own health too.

By ensuring we follow these protocols amalgam removal is very safe as your exposure to any mercury during the process is almost nil.


Now don’t just rush out to any old dentist to have amalgam removal done as special care needs to be taken to lessen your exposure to mercury.

The dentist must use a rubber dam, air filtration, and negative ion generators and provide a separate air supply through a nasal hood as well as special drill bits and respirator protection masks for the dental team.

Drilling out the fillings releases a massive amount of mercury vapour and filling particles, which you will otherwise ingest, absorb and inhale.

We recommend support with a nutritional and supplement program to help neutralise and capture mercury that is coming out from being locked in areas of the body due to the change in mercury balance.

As your fillings are replaced mercury and other heavy metals redistribute and spread to other parts of your body in an attempt to rebalance the new mercury levels in the body balance.

Doing detoxification can help bind mercury that is in your body so your system can safely remove it rather than it getting reabsorbed.

We recommend consulting a medical doctor who understands heavy metals and amalgam replacement prior to treatment who will advise on what is the best protocol for you.


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