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At Holistic Dentistry Brisbane, we are proud to offer you our expert dental care and safe amalgam removal services.

Our friendly, highly trained, experienced staff, coupled with our high-tech approach, are what make our services

some of the best in the Brisbane area. Learn more about what we offer below.


Amalgam Removal

A Personal Approach


White Fillings

Here for You


Porcelain Crowns

Your Smile Matters

Holistic Dentistry Services


Amalgam Removal

Amalgam removal to remove mercury-containing silver fillings. All amalgam fillings are removed following safe amalgam removal guidelines.

We are accredited in “SMART” safe amalgam removal protocols and take into account the health effects of mercury during and post-treatment to support your health and wellbeing.


Every amalgam removal plan is unique and can be tailored to meet your budget or be completed in stages.


White Fillings

Your health and wellness are our number one goal.


We use modern ceramic white filling materials, choosing the highest quality tooth-coloured composite resin fillings or porcelain restorations.


Our composite resin of choice contains no BPA or heavy metals and allows us to restore your teeth to a natural-looking appearance to enhance your smile by replacing old, dark and unsightly metal fillings.


Porcelain Crowns

We take into account your wants, needs, and the latest clinical treatments available to give you a functional, long-lasting and healthy smile makeover.

Porcelain crowns and metal-free restorations provide strength and durability with a high aesthetic natural finish and you with peace of mind.


Your healthy smile makeover with porcelain crowns will give you a smile that looks great and feels great too.

SMART Amalgam Removal Holistic Dentistry Brisbane

Whenever an amalgam filling is drilled or replaced mercury vapour is released which without special measures you would normally inhale, ingest and absorb into your body.

The amalgam turns into fine particles, fragments and sludge that splatters over the insides of your mouth. The mouth tissues are highly absorbent and will take up mercury from the sludge; plus it is very easy for you to swallow and ingest the amalgam fragments.

In order to minimise your exposure to mercury vapour all amalgams are replaced following strict SMART protocols that involve the use of rubber dam and air filtration with IQAir dental mercury filtration device.

We are SMART-certified dentists offering a comprehensive amalgam removal service following exceptionally strict protocols to ensure we minimise any potential mercury exposure to you the patient, the environment and our team members. 

The 6-Step Amalgam Removal Process

As part of our 6-Step Amalgam Removal process, you receive a detailed information booklet about mercury and its health impacts prior to your initial visit for amalgam removal consultation. This includes a fully comprehensive dental examination Including a Hidden Amalgam Check… Where you’ll get x-rays and photographs taken during your assessment to check for any hidden amalgam under white fillings… we also look for any cracks, decay, infections, mouth and jaw joint issues or active gum disease.

At the consultation, we discuss what is involved and answer your questions regarding mercury, amalgam fillings and your health.


Time is taken to explain the implications of replacing your amalgams and any possible after-effects along with ways in which to support yourself during the process and maximise mercury excretion and elimination from the body.

We formulate a personalised tailor-made treatment plan for your teeth and mouth and provide you with a breakdown of fees for treatment in addition to information sheets on amalgam removal and nutritional support/detox programs you may wish to implement

Book an appointment with us to take an assessment and we’ll discuss further information about the treatment.


Discover 5 reasons people just like you have had their silver fillings removed:

1. Concern about their general health, they don’t have any particular health issues but now they don’t feel as good as they used to or as they could and they are worried that it is the mercury in the filling that is part of the problem.

2. They have a lot of health problems and it has come up in tests that they have issues with heavy metals and they have been advised by their practitioner to have the mercury fillings removed.

3. They are in good health and into a clean healthy lifestyle and having mercury in their teeth does not fit with their ideal of health or their choices of what they will or won’t put into their body.

4. Cosmetics – they simply don’t like the look of the unsightly dark metal fillings in their teeth.

5. There is decay or breakage of the tooth or filling, or the filling has broken down and no longer properly seals the tooth off against bacteria.

Dentist Office

White Fillings - Composite Resin

Teeth require to be filled when they become decayed or when they have been damaged, cracked or broken. As we are an amalgam-free and mercury-free dental practice we only use the highest quality tooth-coloured composite resin fillings or porcelain restorations.


Holistic Dentistry uses BPA-free composite resin that contains no heavy metals or fluoride and allows us to restore your teeth to a natural-looking appearance.

Composite (ceramic-plastic) resins are matched to be the same colour as your teeth where possible to provide a cosmetically attractive result as well as sealing the cavity to bacteria.


Composites are ideal for small to mid-sized cavities but for large fillings, they may chip or wear over time and a stronger restoration made from porcelain would be a stronger more durable option.


Porcelain Crowns and Restorations

If you have a heavily filled, cracked or badly decayed tooth you may need a crown to rebuild it and protect it.


At Holistic Dentistry we use the best quality porcelain crowns to restore your teeth to be both functional and beautiful.

A crown is a porcelain cover that can be used to protect a heavily filled tooth from breakage or rebuild a tooth that is so broken down it would not be possible to successfully restore the tooth with filling material alone.

There are several types of crowns available depending on the tooth that requires treatment, and your bite as well as cosmetic and cost considerations.

We prefer to use metal-free porcelain crowns that are hand-crafted by ceramic technicians here in Australia to precision fit your tooth.

Reason For Crown Placement

Crowns are placed for several reasons:

  • Reinforce a tooth that is cracked or broken

  • Repair a tooth that has an old large filling

  • Cover a tooth that is severely decayed

  • Reinforce a tooth that has had a root canal

  • Encase a dental implant

  • Anchor a dental bridge

  • Improve your smile

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